The World map of Sri

I called it “the World map of Sri”. The image below comes from the 1st report ever published about socially responsible investments all over the world. The most important SIFs (Sustainable investment forum), included the Italian one, FFS-Forum per la finanza sostenibile, worked together to collect the data and to make them available in one document.

The total amount of Sri investments in the world is impressive: 13,600 billion dollars (yes, 13,600 billion dollar, no mistake).

Who’s leading? You think Usa? Wrong. The right answer is Europe, and by far. Then you can find Usa, Canada, Africa (a little bit surprising, but not so much), Australia/New Zealand, Asia (ex-Japan) and Japan.

The report (free to read/download here) was published a couple of months ago by GSIA-Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. I think it’s a great step in the story of Sri, I would say a milestone. Now you can actually say “Ethical investors from all over the world, come together!”: your call is finally based on grounded data.


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