Welcome ShareAction, formerly known as FairPensions

“Nomen omen”, the Latins said. It means, more or less: your name it’s not neutral, it goes along with your destiny. I think it’s true, even though I can’t explain the reason why.

A couple of weeks ago FairPensions, the charity promoting Sri among pension funds and other institutional investors in the Uk, changed its name in ShareAction. It was so a meaningful decision: they want to stress out the importance of shareholder activism in a Sri perspective. As written down on their website: “Our new name better captures our vision of a world where people take action to ensure that their invested pensions and savings reflect their values“.

Take a look, for example, at section “Become a shareholder activist” on their website and you’ll find lots of interesting documents and infos about activism at AGMs, filing shareholder resolutions and so on.

As I told at the beginning: nomen omen, the Latins were so right.

Farewell to FairPensions, you did it a great job last years, not me but even the former Us vice-President Al Gore said it and praised your work at the event recently hosted in London for the launch of your new name. I followed you (and I keep following you, also on Twitter), and I learned much, thanks guys.

Welcome ShareAction and good luck!

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