Responsible retail investors (finally) grow in Italy

Time has come for a strong, faster than ever before growth in the number of responsible investors in Italy? It seems so if you look at the last biannual report published by Etica Sgr, the leading and most active financial operator in Italy’s Sri market.

Etica sgr is the asset management company started in 2003 by Banca Etica, the ethical bank even The Economist recently spoke well of. Last February it was celebration time for Etica sgr that organized a party in Milan, where it’s based, for its ten years of existence. Now it’s celebration time again since the company reached so good (“record”) results in year 2013 first half.

The amount of net collected money in the first half of the year reached €80 million (you can find the detailed figures here, in Italian). So total assets under management of the 4 Sri funds “Valori responsabili” marketed by Etica sgr reached €597 million. In the same period, the number of responsible investors putting their money into the funds had a 25% growth and now they’re almost 31,000: that’s a “little, big pacific army” that believes you can invest with your values for a better world, as Amy Domini would probably say.

“We’re also proud of what we did as a shareholder activist with the companies we invested in, a work that aims to stimulate debate about issues related to corporate social responsibility”, Etica sgr president (and Banca Etica president, too), Ugo Biggeri, said.

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