Autumn, time for #SRIweek in Europe

Yesterday it was the starting day for the Dutch SRI week, organized by VBDO (October 7-13).

Next Sunday another important SRI week is going to have place in Uk, they have called it NEIW-National Ethical Investment Week (October 13-19).

More or less during the same days (October 14-20), it will be up to France with La Semaine de l’ISR-Investissement Socialement Responsable. Great slogan they chose: ‘Exigez l’#ISR!’.

Finally, in Italy the Italian SIF FFS-Forum per la finanza sostenibile will propose to all the Italians SRI fans (and not only, hopefully) the 2nd edition of the Settimana dell’Investimento Sostenibile e Responsabile (November 5-12). They have already confirmed 16 events, in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Naples…and a so interesting ‘SRI virtual relay’ among the most SRI-committed Italian Universities.

I think that contemporaneity of the SRI weeks across Europe is very important, since the SRI national movements in Europe (like many other things in this continent, we’ve to say) have to learn to go together. To speak with one voice. Not easy, but absolutely necessary.

Maybe in 2014 it will be time for the first European SRI week.

ps: in the US, the 24th annual SRI Conference will be October 28-30.

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