From SRI to SVI

The 2nd edition of the Italian SRI week (#settimanasri on Twitter, if you like to follow) is ongoing. I attended the inaugural event here in Milan on Nov 5: so many interesting data, opinions, questions and answers.

One thing among all catched my attention: the question about the definition of what is Sri. That’s a question mondosri already talked about and in regards to which the blog listened to eminent personalities in the socially responsible world. That’s a very big question, there’s no denying. But I’m becoming more and more convinced we’ll never be able to set a definition that fits in all the instances coming from the Sri community in the world. I could say unfortunately…

..but maybe there’s an even bigger problem to address. Which one? The name: Sri.

Nowadays you can say Sri, Esg, sustainable, responsible, sustainable and responsible, ethical, green and social. By using these terms you mean ‘more or less’ the same thing, but you’ve to be quite skilled in Sri matters (a little bit ‘Sri-aholic’) to know they could be used ‘more or less’ as synonyms. If not, you would probably say ‘what a mess!’. That’s the reason why I think it’s time to go further and to name it in a clearer way, so that the message could spread across a larger amount of people, be immediatly understandable and hopefully involve and fascinate  them.

Here is what I would suggest: let’s start calling it SVI, Socially Visionary Investing. Since the main peculiarity Sri has IMHO, beyond any positive or negative criteria it may use, any materiality or risk analysis, any accurate rating methodology, engagement process, performance track record or whatever, is that it tries to give a vision of the world as it could be. An eco-friendly, peaceful, more just and equal world. A better world, to say in a couple of words.

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