Web activism is gaining momentum

Activists’ activity to pressure companies into policy changes has become easier than ever thanks to the engagement opportunities offered by social media and the so called ‘clicktivism’.

Twitter and Facebook are boosting and spreading critical messages at a pace and level never experienced before. Companies are pressed on topics as diverse as gay rights (pressure over sponsorships of St Patrick’s day); tobacco and distribution of tobacco products; guns and companies policies in the US or taxes and multinationals tax policies.

Companies must manage an unusual amount of public issues as the expectations of customers, NGOs and the society are shifting towards new issues and including new areas of responsibility.

This trend is positive for the progress of the sustainability agenda, however it is echoed by concerns of getting out of control, as expressed by Leo Strine, Chief Justice in the Supreme Court of Delaware, were many shareholders rights cases are debated.

According to judge Strine, shareholders powers to engage companies should be rolled back to prevent a massive wave of voting on corporate governance that could distract managements and cost companies.

Investors’ coalitions to streamline and organize the sustainability agenda, such as ICCR, are welcome players in this respect.

by guest contributor @aldobonati (from Ecpi)

(Aldo is listed on ‘Sri @ Twitter’. Tks Aldo!)

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