Sri and pension funds in Italy

How to integrate the principles of sustainable and responsible investment in the portfolio allocation for pension funds: that’s the topic that will be discussed in Rome next week, on June 18th, at a seminar promoted by Mefop, the Italian agency for the promotion of supplementary pension.

The topic is of huge relevance for Italy’s Sri market, where pension funds still don’t play the role they play in other countries where these funds are actually the most powerful force in the promotion of Esg principles, criteria and philosophy to the market.

However some steps were recently moved forward in Italy, too. One of the last and IMHO most interesting was the appointment of Maurizio Agazzi, managing director at Cometa Fondo, Italy’s biggest pension fund, as president of the Italian SIF.

Attending the seminar in Rome next week you’ll be able to listen in particular to Walter Bottoni, vice-president at Banca Mps pension fund: the fund was recognized as a best practice in Eurosif’s Corporate Pension Funds and Sustainable Investment Study 2011. Bottoni recently launched the updated version of previTeNdA, a very interesting website focusing on Sri and #Sriactivism.

So, it’s absolutely true Italy is late regarding the integration of Esg criteria in the portfolio allocation of pension funds. But we don’t start from scratch. And history says we’re good at catching up.

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