Definition of Sri, Italy takes a step

What is Sri? Mondosri posed the question more than once. Because it’s a fundamental topic. The manuals of business management teach: if you cannot measure it, you can’t manage it. And to measure it, you must first define it very well.

Take the last report from Eurosif, in 2012 – on October 9th the next one will be presented at Eurosif’s Annual event -: it says there are seven different types – seven – of investment processes identified as Sri strategies. That’s an interesting perspective, no doubt, but at the same time it partially weakens the real (the original?) nature of Sri. For example: what Sri and impact investment have in common? An authoritative opinion on the matter was expressed some years ago by Amy Domini.

So, we have to say welcome to what the Italian Sif-Forum per la finanza sostenibile published a couple of days ago: a shared definition of sustainable and responsible investment, on which the Forum reached an agreement within the Italian Sri community after a consultation process.

Be sure that the definition of Sri will be one of the topics on the agenda for the 3rd Italian Sri Week, which is scheduled for November 4th to 12th. Mondosri will be there.

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