Save the «sustainable soldier»

For Sri-aholic guys like me, there’s a number of wonderful websites, and blogs too, where you can spend a lot of time surfing and reading and watching videos dealing with sustainable and responsible investing. Some of them are listed on ‘Sri @ Twitter’ page, some others in the blogroll here on the bottom right.

One of those which have caught my attention more in the last years is Blue & Green Tomorrow, for many reasons: freshness, high-level information focusing on a range of sustainable matters, ability to summarize, friendly layout and language, being free of charge of course. And the fact that most of its contents come from young journalists. Yes, they’re young and you feel it each time you read their news and articles.

It’s been both a great pleasure and an honour for me last year when Blue & Green Tomorrow published an article I wrote about Sri finance in Italy. The same months ago, when they re-published a post a guest contributor wrote earlier for Mondosri.

Now Blue & Green Tomorrow is in troubles. It’s unfortunately not a surprising story if you are familiar with the publishing sector, either online or offline. I’m sorry for that and I really hope they can get out of troubles soon.

Days ago they launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the money they need to go ahead, keep on publishing and first of all keep on giving young journalists an opportunity.

I think the young deserve an opportunity and sustainable and responsible investment need skilled young people writing with passion about it. Furthermore, we all, the Sri-aholic community, need a website like this standing as a sentinel looking carefully day by day at what’s going on in the field of sustainable and responsible investment: to a certain extent we can call it a sustainable soldier, though equipped only with the arms of information.

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