#Fossilfuel #divestment comes to Italy

I’ve been asked to give a short speech during a roundtable at the final event of the 3rd Italian SRI week that started on November 4th in Rome. I was very pleased. But I also wondered: what can I say?

In seconds the answer thankfully came to my mind: everything. Yes, everything. Since I really think that everything about the fossil fuel divestment worldwide movement is quite interesting. The first things I thought of are the following ones.

1. It’s a worldwide movement, exactly. Hundreds of thousands of people have been involved, are being involved, and mainly will be involved.

2. It’s achieving tangible results.  Just look at the list of divestment commitments on GoFossilFree’s website.

3. United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki moon just few days ago said relevant words about the urgent need we have for divesting from fossil fuel and reinvesting in clean energy, first with reference to big pension funds. Huge.

4. There are lots of data about the fossil fuel divestment movement, the divestment case, the comparison between divestment and engagement from the point of view of their effectiveness in tackling climate change, and so on. That means: we can measure, assess and consequently manage what we hold it’s the right thing to do.

5. Few days ago, again, the fossil fuel movement debate came to the New York Times, one of the most prestigious and influential newspaper in the world, a leading voice.

6. In countries like Australia, the heated debate on fossil fuel divestment involved even the premier

..but in Italy, as far as I know, such a debate it’s not essentially going on.

So, IMHO it’s time to make something similar happen in my country, too. I’ll be happy if I can give just a tiny contribution to start such a debate. The 3rd Italian SRI week is probably the ideal context. See you there.


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