Sri horoscope 2015

Predicting the future is always a very difficult task, if not impossible. No exception when it comes to Sri.

The fact is that when one year ends and another begins, it’s almost spontaneous to try on one hand to sum up what happened, on the other to outline which could be the most likely future scenarios.

In recent days and weeks, I came across a series of analysis and predictions about what 2015 might hold from a Sri point of view. You can find below a short list of those predictions, mostly coming from authoritative sources.

Sustainable investment 2015 predictions: Simon Howard, UKSIF (blue&greentomorrow).

2015 could be watershed year for ESG issues (Fiona Reynolds, managing director of the Principles for Responsible Investment).

6 Sustainability Investing Trends for 2015. Socially responsible investing is catching on and will soon spread to all types of investing (Maureen Kline, Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Pirelli Tire North America).

Meet … Investor Team @ CDP (Sri-Connect)
especially -> Q4: Cynthia, What can we expect from US asset owners on climate issues and wider sustainability investment in 2015?  What are the key initiatives to watch?

What’s Next for Sustainable Investing? An Individual and Industry Perspective (Barbara Krumsiek, past CEO & President of Calvert Investments)
published in September 2014.

2015 ESG Trends to Watch (MSCI ESG Research).

Catch This Big Investing Wave in 2015 (by Alyce Lomax, The Motley Fool).

Finally, you can also add what I’ve just read on the last issue of Fossil Free Indexes newsletter, where Stuart Braman (founder and Ceo) says: “We’re currently working on the annual update to The Carbon Underground 200 list and report, scheduled for release on Global Divestment Day, February 13, 2015”.

That’s an announcement and not a prediction, of course. In this case the prediction comes from me (yes, I couldn’t resist): 2015 will be the year of fossil fuel divestment going mainstream in the Sri community. In less than twelve months from now we’ll see if I guessed.

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