Welcome GEFF

On the 1st and 2nd September 2015 the inaugural edition of a new global event dealing with Sri is due to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Moreover, with the direct support of the Scottish Government.

The title of the event is GEFF-Global Ethical Finance Forum. You just need to watch the line-up of speakers to realize immediately it’s a must-attend event, if you have the chance to go to Edinburgh a couple of days.

But it’s also quite interesting the subtitle of the event: Growing the Global Ethical Finance Industry through Collaboration and Convergence. I’d like to share very briefly a couple of thoughts that came to my mind when I surfed GEFF’s website and read the subtitle.

The first: they talk about “ethical” finance. They don’t say Sri, or impact, or sustainable and responsible or whatever. I’ve to say that I like it. But I’d like to know the reason of that choice.

The second: the word “convergence”, it was the second one which caught my eyes. I think it might be a keyword, or a hashtag if you’re Twitter-aholic as I am, you can use to interpret and at the same time to describe the fundamental message of the event, IMHO of course. In fact, in the brief text presenting the event they also talk about “open platform”, “bring together”, “various areas of ethical finance”, all words whose meaning go alongside what “convergence” means.

What I think for now, a month and a half ahead it starts, is that GEFF could be a very interesting attempt – and fascinating, too – to make the so rich ethical biodiversity spreading across the worldwide financial community speak with one voice. Or try at least to do that, mainly when it’s more necessary or simply appropriate to help shape the global sustainable development agenda our planet urgently deserves. So, welcome GEFF.

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