#SRINatives of the world, come together! Change the narrative and make a difference

@SRI_Natives was born. Here is the the first tweet the handle launched: the “#SRINatives Manifesto”.

#SRINatives Manifesto

This is the 1st tweet of @SRI_Natives. Please take it as a sort of #SRINatives Manifesto, even though nothing is set in the stone (don’t forget in the Twitterspace everything’s constantly on the move).

What is @SRI_Natives? It’s a collaborative Twitter handle aiming to give voice and visibility to #SRINatives sharing news/data/info/insights/events/anything they consider of interest with regard to sustainable finance.

Who are #SRINatives? They are people, mainly but not necessarily young, who started approaching the sustainable finance field at the time sustainable finance had already become mainstream. In that respect, as well known, it’s not possible to specify a date. But it may be assumed that sustainable finance began to become mainstream between 2015 (the year of Laudato si’, the SDGs, the Paris Agreement) and 2016 (the year the European Commission laid the foundations for the groundbreaking Action Plan on Sustainable Finance).

At first, the main categories primarily targeted by @SRI_Natives are as follows:
-regulators/policy makers.

What does it mean that @SRI_Natives will be a “collaborative” handle? To put it simply, it means that it will be run in a collaborative way: not only by @SRI_Natives itself but also by those willing to contribute in one the following ways.


-BASIC LEVEL – you can mention @SRI_Natives and/or type #SRINatives in your tweet: @SRI_Natives will read, in case will put a LIKE, and RT (also being supported by the network including @andytuit @SriEvent @CsrEvent @SriEvent_It)

ADVANCED LEVEL – after a (significant) number of “basic level” (significant) contributions by a Twitter handle
1) @SRI_Natives will list it into the #SRINatives Contributors List
2) and, mostly, will share @SRI_Natives handle (through Tweetdeck only)
3) moreover, that Twitter handle will be officially allowed to put “#SRINatives Contributor” in its bio, of course if it wants to. Anyway the managing of @SRI_Natives by “#SRINatives contributors” will be monitored and where appropriate integrated/encouraged by @SRI_Natives.

Please not that: you can’t TAG @SRI_Natives, you can’t DM to @SRI_Natives, @SRI_Natives will follow nobody (apart from the network including @andytuit @SriEvent @CsrEvent @SriEvent_It), @SRI_Natives speaks English.
So, let’s start!

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