I’m a storytweeter (journalist & blogger, too) keen on #sustainablefinance #climatejustice #responsibleinvestment #greenbonds #greenfinance #impinv #SDGs #csr #BizHumanRights #BCorp #socent and all things #sustainability broadly speaking

Twitter: @andytuit@SriEvent@SriEvent_It@SRI_Natives@CsrEvent

Linkedin: it.linkedin.com/in/andreadituriit.linkedin.com/company/srievent

Instagram: instagram.com/srievent

profile on SRI-CONNECT

email: founder AT srievent DOT info

@SriEvent and @andytuit are amongst the World’s Top Twitter Influencers on #responsibleinvestment and #sustainablefinance and #greenfinance (ranked by Kcore Analytics)

amongst the World’s Top25 Green Finance Influencers (Mandalore Partners, April 2023)

listed in the SustMeme CSR & Business Top500 Global Ranking of world’s influencers and players active on Twitter in CSR, Sustainable, Green and Ethical Business, SRI and Governance (as of 7 April 2023, I seem to be the first Italian in the ranking. Also @SriEvent is listed)

featured in @Onalytica’s report ‘Who’s Who in ESG? Top Influential Voices‘ (November 2020)

member of the “Pioneer Team” of #ManagersForFuture movement (co-manager of @Managers4Future Twitter handle)

Adjunct Professor in Sustainable finance at ALTIS-Cattolica Graduate School of Business and Society, Master in Finanza sostenibile (Italy’s first ever post-graduate course on sustainable finance, 1st ed. AY 2017-2018)

Guest Lecturer in Sustainable finance at Montpellier Business School, MSc Responsible Finance, Social & Sustainable Finance Chair @SustainableMBS

Professor in Sustainable finance at Job Farm, Master in ESG Management

member of the Scientific Committee of the “Sustainability and Finance Observatory” established by Università LUM “Giuseppe Degennaro” @UniLUM, directed by Professor Angelo Russo @arussophd, Vice Rector for Research and Sustainability at Università LUM

among the “Friends and Supporters” of Scuola Capitale Sociale

among the signatories of the “Scientists, researchers and academics call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty”

among the signatories of the letter “Europe’s ‘science-based’ Sustainable Finance Taxonomy is politicised to include nuclear power”, sent to the EU Commission by TEG members concerned about the inclusion of nuclear fission energy sources in the EU Taxonomy (21 December 2021)

among the signatories of the letter: “G7: Value the future, stop crowd-funding catastrophe” by The Club of Rome, in the context of the Planetary Emergency Partnership (9 June 2021)

among the signatories of the Fossil Free Research Open Letter (21 March 2022) @FosFreeResearch

among the signatories of the Open letter of international support – A Fossil Free Colombia. Towards a proposal from the global south for a fossil fuels phase out (May 2022)

(through @SriEvent) among the signatories of the Open Letter #FixTheWEO “Please put 1.5ºC first not last in the WEO. An open letter to the IEA signed by over 150 civil society organizations” – @FixTheWEO

(through @SriEvent) among the 450+ organizations from across the world that on March 4, 2022 signed the statement “With Ukraine” calling on world governments to reject and ban the importation of Russian oil and gas, and to rapidly phase out all fossil fuels in the name of peace 

(through @SriEvent) among the signatories of the letter to the IPCC “The IPCC must make clear: a liveable future requires a rapid and equitable phase-out of fossil fuels, not reliance on speculative technologies” (March 2023)

among the nearly 40 founding signatories of ‘The Missing 60%’ #missing60 campaign led by Preventable Surprises

and manager

promoter and enabler

moderator at the first ever institutional event in Italy on the Fossil fuel Treaty, the global initiative for a Fossil fuel non-proliferation Treaty – held in Rome, Camera dei Deputati (Italian Chamber of Deputies), 22 June 2022.
Full video recording here (in Italian).

Green Finance Interview Series by @Plenitude_io, interview with… me 😉 (March 12, 2019)

since 2000, contributor for Avvenire (leading Catholic newspaper in Italy)

contributor for Changes

contributor for Valori.it

guest contributor for Impakter.com

contributor for Centodieci

guest contributor for AGORA

 co-author (together with Alessandra Viscovi and Chiara Tintori) of “Guida alla finanza sostenibile per investitori cattolici”, Nummus.info, 2020

co-author (together with Alessandra Viscovi) of the book “Manuale di finanza sostenibile e responsabile. Per i consulenti finanziari e i risparmiatori”, Forfinance Edizioni-Raiffeisen Capital Management, 2017

contributor for the book “Creare valore a lungo termine”, Egea Editore, 2013: chapter “Informazione e SRI”

adjunct teacher at ALTIS-Cattolica: “CSR 2.0 – Strategie digitali per comunicare la Corporate Social Responsibility” (June-July 2016)

attendee of Italy’s first ever Summer School “Business and Human Rights” at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa @SantannaPisa

guest contributor for Blue & Green Tomorrow: “Italy’s sustainable investment market comes of age” (2013)

guest contributor for Corporate Knights’ blog: “A critical time for SRI in Italy” (2012)

guest contributor for Borsa Italiana’s (Italian Stock Exchange’s) “Finanza Etica” website: “Criteri Esg nella finanza tradizionale” (2011)

speaker at “Non FOSSILIzzare i tuoi risparmi: DIVEST!” in Florence, at Novo Modo (2016)

“Csr e dintorni” blog, interview with… me 😉 (in Italian) (2015)

moderator at the round table “Investitori e cambiamento climatico: disinvestimento o engagement?” in Naples, at Giornata Nazionale della Previdenza 2015

moderator at the round table “Il Microcredito, l’Italia e l’Europa” at Montecitorio-Camera dei Deputati, Sala Aldo Moro (2014)

presenter at the 1st “Sustainable Investor of the Year” Award’s ceremony (2nd SettimanaSri – Italian Sri week, 2013)

moderator at “Finanza sostenibile, fondi etici e attività di engagement” in Bari, Facoltà di Economia, Dipartimento di studi aziendali e giusprivatistici, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, at the 1st SettimanaSri – Italian Sri Week, 2012

Moderator at the opening “virtual” event (Twitterchat) of the 1st SettimanaSri – Italian Sri Week, 2012

moderator at the round table “From Sustainability Report to Integrated Reporting: where are we?” at Forum Csr 2012, Abi (Associazione bancaria italiana – Italian banking association)


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