Sep 2015

The most recent news on the #fossilfuel #divestment movement from all over the world (that means: from Twitter).

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Sep 30

‘The tragedy of the horizon’

Sep 29

‘Critical first step’

Sep 28

‘Una buena noticia para todos’

Sep 25

‘On the rise’

Sep 24

‘Divestment is the new black’

Sep 23

‘Mobilisation exponentielle’

Sep 21

‘Divestment square’

Sep 18

‘It’s not acceptable’

Sep 17

‘#Renewablesinvestment movement’

Sep 16

‘Search and compare’

Sep 15

‘Where to put money divested’

Sep 14

‘Political will’

Sep 10

‘Making history again’

Sep 9

‘Will bring jobs’

Sep 8

‘Huge signs. Stands firm. But fast enough?’

Sep 7

‘Time for resilient (investments)’

Sep 4

‘Fossil free (index) Australia’

Sep 3

‘No ones laughing now’

Sep 2

‘Pressure grows’

Sep 1

‘…or there is no future for us’