Nov 2016

The most recent news on the #fossilfuel #divestment movement from all over the world (that means: from Twitter).

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Nov 30

‘Fossilfuel Divestment Bill’

Nov 29


Nov 28

‘Fossil fuel battle’

Nov 25

‘The first country’

Nov 24

‘Historic decision’

Nov 23

‘Need to widen the movement’

Nov 22

‘Major divestment win’

Nov 21

‘After year-long campaign’

Nov 18

‘Good news for people and wildlife’

Nov 17

‘Inspired University students’

Nov 16

‘The #ParisEffect’

Nov 15

‘A different approach’

Nov 14

‘The world can’t wait’

Nov 11

‘A lot more important’

Nov 10

‘At a tipping point’

Nov 8

‘Banks under fire’

Nov 7

‘Kick fossil fuels out of #COP22’

Nov 4

‘Sheffield divests’

Nov 3

‘No longer good investments’