Oct 2016

The most recent news on the #fossilfuel #divestment movement from all over the world (that means: from Twitter).

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Oct 27

‘An industry whose days are numbered’

Oct 26

‘Here is why I believe’

Oct 25

‘A roundtable in New York’

Oct 24

‘Urged to divest’

Oct 21

‘All eyes on Copenhagen’

Oct 20

‘Is divestment working?’

Oct 19


Oct 18

‘Supporting cities to divest’

Oct 17

‘They’re desperate’

Oct 14

‘In or Out’

Oct 13

‘Fossil free funds tool’

Oct 12

‘Legislation to divest from fossil fuel’

Oct 11

‘A beautiful morning ‘

Oct 6

‘Climate crime scene’

Oct 5

‘Climate news gets worse’

Oct 4

‘Making news worldwide’