Jan 2017


The most recent news on the #fossilfuel #divestment movement from all over the world (that means: from Twitter).

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Jan 30

‘Ireland, a world’s first’

Jan 25

‘Say YES!’

Jan 24

‘Friday in Rome’

Jan 23

‘Shout out’

Jan 20

‘Global divestment mobilisation day’

Jan 19


Jan 18

‘Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill Day’

Jan 17

‘The world is moving away’

Jan 16

‘Support the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill’

Jan 13

‘Libérons le @MuseeLouvre’

Jan 12

‘Unbreathable air’

Jan 11

‘Fossil fuel divestment Bill’

Jan 10

‘Fossil fuel subsidies’

Jan 9

‘Insurance divestment’