Mar 2017


The most recent news on the #fossilfuel #divestment movement from all over the world (that means: from Twitter).

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Mar 29

‘The start of something bigger’

Mar 28

‘Divestment is the new black’

Mar 22

‘Never miss any more news’

Mar 21

‘We applaude ING’

Mar 17

‘Sami calling Sioux’

Mar 16

‘Divested balcony’

Mar 15

‘Divest Parliament’

Mar 14

‘Escalating divestment’

Mar 13

‘Wow! We’re winning!’

Mar 9

‘Two days, two wins’

Mar 7

‘Norway’s Coal Divestment’

Mar 6

‘Fossilfuel lending’

Mar 3

‘Absolutely shocking’

Mar 2


Mar 1

‘Making money without a ‘dirty’ portfolio’