This section shows Twitter accounts of interest for people passionate about Sri: a sort of Twitter address book Sri-oriented, how to say. I’ve tried to divide it by category (i.e. Sri analysts and experts, Sri & Esg research/rating/index/advisoring agencies, Sri promotional organizations/networks, Sri asset management companies, editorial sites or simply accounts addressing Sri, etc.) and in alphabetical order. The brief descriptions associated with the accounts come in general from the official ones you can find on their Twitter pages respectively.

The update of the section is always ongoing. The lists don’t presume obviously to be definitive (anything definitive on Twitter?), they aim to represent just a useful tool for those who may need.

Should you have any account to suggest, please tweet me. Thanks a lot in advance.

(accounts listed: 506) (updated with new entries on January 15, 2018)

– – – – –

Index by category:

Sri analysts and experts and activists (311)

Sri promotional organizations / networks & coalitions / initiatives & campaigns / SIFs / SRIweeks and SRIevents (94)

Esg & Sri research/rating/index/advisoring/comm etc. agencies & companies (46)

Asset management companies focused on Sri (27)

Sri “very big” funds & especially pension funds (8)

Editorial sites or simply accounts addressing Sri (20)

– – – – –



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