Sri promotional organizations / networks & coalitions / initiatives & campaigns / SIFs / SRIweeks and SRIevents

@2degreesinvest 2° Investing Initiative is a non-profit think tank promoting the integration of climate goals in investment strategies and financial regulation

@350nz We are building a movement to create climate change solutions the kiwi way. Join us! #fossilfreeNZ

@7thGenICRI Shareholders using our collective influence to improve corporate decision-making and public policy on critical environmental, social, and governance issues

@ABPfossielvrij Pensioen fondsen #Fossielvrij | grote zorgen maken om #Klimaatverandering | #CarbonBubble | Pension Funds FossilFree | #Divest | Tweets: Cindy Coltman

ACSI @ACSI_ESG seeks to improve environmental, social & governance #ESG performance by companies for our members who invest over $1.6T globally & own 10% of the ASX200

@ActionShift Shift is a new initiative that works to protect pensions and the climate by bringing together beneficiaries and pension funds to engage on the climate crisis. Toronto, Ontario

@ActOnClimate100 #investor initiative to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters to take necessary action on #climatechange

@Africa_SRI A guide to sustainable and responsible investing in sub-Saharan Africa

@AfricaSIF Pan-African, not-for-profit, volunteer network of investment practitioners promoting sustainable investment in Africa

@AIGCC_update AIGCC provides capacity for investors to share best practice and to collaborate on investment activity, credit analysis, risk management, engagement and policy

@AM_WakeUpCall Asset Manager Wake Up Call houses commentary from the BlackRock’s Big Problem & Vanguard S.O.S. networks, holding asset managers accountable on climate

@appgsustfin The APPG on Sustainable Finance supports parliamentarians to understand more about sustainable finance. Chaired by @EdwardJDavey and run by @UK100_

@ASrIA_News ASrIA is a membership association dedicated to promoting sustainable & responsible investment in Asia through industry engagement, research, training & events

@asyousow A nonprofit promoting corporate environmental and social responsibility through shareholder advocacy. San Francisco

@AustCCR Improving companies through shareholder advocacy. We take environmental and social performance seriously (and so should your super fund!). Not for profit

@bank_fwd A network of banking clients persuading their banks to phase out financing for fossil fuels and lead on climate

@bankers4climate A nonprofit climate change movement for all employees in the global financial industry – sign up at and shape the future!

@bankonourfuture The UK’s biggest banks keep pouring billions into the companies making the climate crisis worse. Owned by The Sunrise Project

@BASICBostonSRI Boston Area Sustainable Investment Consortium, connecting SRI/ESG investment professionals in Boston

@BathES20070 Active, Green Conservative Investment Fund Run By University of Bath Economics Students. Team 17 #ES20070 #ESG #CSR #Responsibleinvestment

@CathClimateMvmt Pope Francis asks 1.2 billion Catholics to act against the unjust #ClimateCrisis. Join the movement to respond to the urgent #LaudatoSi call!

@CCFVerdes Organización que impulsa el desarrollo de finanzas verdes en México

@ceebankwatch 17 green groups from central and eastern Europe making int’l public finance #EIB #EBRD #AIIB #EUfunds work for people and the planet

@CeresNews Mobilizing investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy

@CIF_News CIF is an independent, 501(c) 6 non-profit trade association seeking to promote the knowledge and understanding of the concept of BRI-Biblically Responsible Investing

@CISL_cambridge The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) develops leadership and solutions for a sustainable economy

@ClimateBonds The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy

@climatebonds_BR A Climate Bonds Initiative é uma organização global que promove investimentos em larga escala na economia de baixo carbono. Aqui, nossas atividades no Brasil

@ClimateMajor Engaging the 50 largest carbon footprint public companies to create effective and long-term climate change strategies

@ClimatePensions Network of city, state and national pension #divestment campaigns. It’s time to #divest from fossil fuels & justly reinvest in our communities #ClimateAction

@CollabFFinance The Collaborative for Frontier Finance is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to increase access to capital for small & growing businesses in emerging markets

@ConflictRisk A network of institutional investors, financial service providers & related stakeholders calling on corporate actors to act responsibly in conflict zones

@CRIC_eV CRIC is a non-profit association for the promotion of ethical and sustainable investment #SustainableFinance

@CtaDivest CTA educators urging CalSTRS to do what’s financially & environmentally responsible: divest our pension from fossil fuels. #WeAreCTA #ClimateJustice

@DivestBerlin Weil wir alle dafür gekämpft haben, stimmte Berlins Parlament 2016 für #Divestment! Mission 2018/2019: #BundespensionenFossilfrei

@DivestCanada Coalition of 30+ student groups. Calling on our universities to #DivestFromThePast and Invest in a #justrecovery

@DivestClaremont Claremont Climate Justice: working to expand the discourse on the intersectionality of social injustice and environmental destruction at the Claremont Colleges

@DivestDal Part of the Halifax Environmental Justice Collective, working to divest Dalhousie University’s endowment funds from the fossil fuel industry

@DivestEast Campaigning to divest the East Sussex Pension fund from fossil fuels

@DivestHarvard We call upon Harvard to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies and reinvest in socially responsible funds

@DivestInvest_Eu European Foundations, Family Offices and Individuals who have pledged to divest from fossil fuels and invest in climate solutions. Join us & spread the word

@divestinvestorg Divest-Invest is a dynamic movement of individuals joining the broader effort to divest from fossil fuels and invest in the new energy economy

@divestlondon Divest London is a citizens’ movement, pushing institutions across the capital to show leadership and #divest from fossil fuels

@DivestLothian We are campaigning for @Edinburgh_CC and @LothianPension Fund to stop investing in fossil fuels and to invest in more sustainable projects #divestlothian

@DivestMcGill We call on @McGillU to divest from #FossilFuel companies & be a moral beacon in the societal shift away from carbon-intensive fuels! #DivestNow #ClimateJustice

@DivestPrinceton A coalition of students, faculty, and alumni calling on Princeton to #divest our endowment from fossil fuels. #BlackLivesMatter #environmentaljustice

@DivestStanford @Stanford have you divested yet?

@DivestVU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Divestment Coalition. Inspired by Go Fossil Free/Do The Math from . First Dutch Divestment Campaign

@DontBankonBomb The only global report on the private financing of the nuclear weapons industry. More information:

@e4iconference Official Account of the e4i The 2nd Sustainable & Responsible Investment Forum – September 27/28th in London. Organised by @FrontierXchange

@eccr1 The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR) is a church-based investor coalition, registered charity and membership organisation.United Kingdom & Ireland

@EdiDeclaration An interfaith shared values framework on ethical finance to to inform the development of financial products that support an ethical economy

@Edu4MigrJustice @ESGtransparency Initiative fighting to end pension fund complicity in the #migrant abuse crisis. Founded & directed by @mle_goldman in partnership with #TBATs.

@EF_Hub The Ethical Finance Hub is a not-for-profit providing a platform to promote collaboration, research, innovation and growth in the ethical finance market

@EIA_AG The official twitter account of the Ethical Investment Association steering group

@EIRISFoundation Helping responsible investors make a difference

@endowmentethics Bringing responsible investment to #highered endowments. Proponents of #endowmentjustice. Our endowment. Our responsibility. OUR POWER

@ESG_Latam Centro de Investigación en #FinanzasSostenibles hacia una transición justa en América Latina. #FinanzasParaRadicales 🎧 en

@esg_the The ESG Foundation exists to focus the attention of all organisations that positive Environmental, Social and good Governance is now essential, for all of us

@ESGtransparency Building a grassroots movement of investors & consumers who can drive corp social responsibility from the bottom up. Flagship campaign: @Edu4MigrJustice

@EthicalForum Women in Islamic & Ethical Finance Forum (WIEFF)

@EthiquetteRI Ethiquette® aims first and foremost to help individual investors as they venture into the realm of responsible investment. Knowledge Empowering Action

@ethosfund Swiss Foundation promoting Sustainable Responsible Investment #activeownership #esginvesting #climatechange

@Eurosif Eurosif is the network and think-tank whose mission is to develop sustainability through the European financial markets

@ExigezISR Exigez l’#ISR pour une société plus responsable #DD #SRI #RSE #CSR #FIR #SIF

@F4BInitiative The F4B initiative aims to raise the financial profile of biodiversity damage and promote greater financial flows into biodiversity conservation and restoration

@facingfinance Facing Finance urges investors to refrain from supporting companies involved in human rights violations, environmental degradation, corruption and weapons

@FacultyDivest We are Harvard faculty in support of fossil fuel divestment

@FairFinanceAsia Strengthening the regional narrative on #SustainableFinance, Fair Finance Asia, an Oxfam initiative- working in 7 countries in #Asia

@FairFinanceInt Global advocacy network assessing reporting & campaigning on financial institutions’ investments for fairer and more responsible investment policies & practices

@FAIRRinitiative The Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return (FAIRR) Initiative, putting factory farming on the ESG agenda

@faithinvest1 We support faiths actively using their investments to create a better world – for people and planet

@FAOInvest FAO promotes responsible investment in agriculture & food systems that contributes to food security and nutrition. Follow our Director-General QU Dongyu @FAODG

@FC4SNetwork The International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S)

@FEcoSocialeTech France Eco Social Tech fédère tous les acteurs de la Tech à Impact Positif quels que soient leurs statuts et leurs secteurs

@feduf_ Profilo ufficiale della Fondazione per l’Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio (FEduF): il portale italiano per l’educazione finanziaria.

@FFFreeFinance Fossil Fuels Free Finance challenges banks, insurers&investors on their continued fossil fuel investments and supports finance compatible with climate science

@Finance4Change A co-ordinated programme of innovative ethical finance projects and activities originating from Scotland

@FinanceforBio We are a group of 37 financial institutions calling for & committing to taking ambitious action on biodiversity. Join us!

@financepourtous Institut pour l’Education Financière du Public (IEFP) | Le site d’infos neutre, pratique, gratuit & pédagogique autour de l’argent & la finance #FinancePourTous

@FinanceSpatial The Spatial Finance Initiative aims to mainstream geospatial capabilities within financial decision making, leveraging space technology and data science

@FinComSlavery The Liechtenstein Initiative for Finance Against Slavery & Trafficking is a public-private partnership for #FinanceAgainstSlavery. Secretariat: @UNUCPR

@FinexusCenter Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability, University of Zurich

@FinforTomorrow An initiative carried out by the actors of #ParisFinancialCenter @europlace to promote in #France and internationally, #sustainablefinance

@fininquiry The UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System has just launched its Global Report

@finsif Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum. Network for Finnish Investors promoting Responsible Investing

@FIR_FrenchSIF Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable : Promouvoir l’Investissement Responsable et ses meilleures pratiques #ISR #ESG #financeresponsable #RSE #SRI #SIF

@fncematters A network of finance professionals committed to a financial system that serves people & planet. Hosted by @thefinancelab

@FNG_eV Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.

@FNG_Siegel Das FNG-Siegel hilft, die Nachhaltigkeit eines Publikumsfonds besser einschätzen zu können

@Forests_Finance Revealing the banks and investors exposed to deforestation risks in Southeast Asia

@FosFreeResearch A coalition of academics, climate experts, and university members working to end the toxic influence of fossil fuel industry money on climate change research

@Fossielvrij030 Fossil free movement Netherlands. This abdication of leadership is criminal. The world’s biggest polluters are guilty of arson on our only home – UN SG Antonio Guterres 2/2022

@FossilFreeANU Fossil fuels or the planet – which will go out of business first? Our university must lead and #divestfossilfuels

@FossilFreeMIT A group of MIT community members calling upon our institute to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies.

@FossilFreeCA Join us in calling on California’s largest pension funds, CalSTRS and CalPERS, and every city and county in California to divest from fossil fuels

@FossilFreeFoot The climate crisis harms all of us, ánd our beautiful game. So our game should not give a platform to polluters. Tweets by @frankhuisingh

@FossilFreeSA Campaign to end climate-breaking coal, gas & oil investments & boost sustainable reinvestment

@FossilFreeUC University of California students campaigning to divest the UC’s endowment from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in a just and sustainable future

@FossilFreeUCL We want UCL to break ties with the fossil fuel industry

@FossilFree_UK @peopleandplanet’s student-led campaign to sever the links between UK universities and the fossil fuel industry. #fossilfree

@fossilfri Fossilfrie penger: I samarbeid med @350 @FIVH

@fossiltreaty An initiative to phase-out fossil fuels and fast-track solutions

@FVReclame Why is fossil fuel industry still allowed to advertise, even when it makes climate loss worse? We want a law that bans all fossil fuel ads. Just like tobacco

@GAImpactLawyers A community of impact lawyers working towards a just transition to a new economic paradigm, underpinned by a legal framework that works for all stakeholders

@GasFreePensions We are a network dedicated to stopping pension funds from financing fossil gas infrastructure, extraction and production

@GFI_green The Green Finance Institute – UK

@GGKP_Finance A global network providing banks, insurers, and investors with knowledge, guidance, and tools to green the financial system

@GISRnews GISR is driving transparency and excellence in #ESG research, ratings and indices to improve business performance and investment decision-making.

@GlobalSIF Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

@GoFossilFree It’s wrong to profit from wrecking the climate — so we’re building an unstoppable movement taking aim at the heart of the fossil fuel industry—join us!

@GoodMoneyWeek 29 September – 5 October. Letting people know they have sustainable & ethical options when it comes to banks, pensions, savings and investments, by @UKSIF

@govtgreensummit The first conference focused on green finance and the public sector. Hosted by @GOVUK @UniofOxford @GFI_green 17 October 2019, London, UK

@greenbondpledge A project by climate finance & sustainability groups to encourage cities, governments & corporates to commit to green investment. Tweets by @whileyandrew

@GreenFinanceNow Investing to create a sustainable world for future generations. #meaningfulchange #responsibleinvestment #sustainablefinance #greenfinance. Hong Kong

@greenfinanceobs Independent NGO working on sustainable finance, carbon markets and natural capital

@gsfcg Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany

@GSGimpinv An independent global steering group catalyzing impact investment & entrepreneurship to benefit people & the planet. CEO, @cliffprior | Chair, @sirronniecohen

@guide_fair The Fair Finance Guide is a web-based tool that enables bank clients and policy holders to make their bank more socially responsible, fair, and sustainable

@GVAsummit Annual conference at the University of Geneva aimed at intensifying debate and research on sustainable finance

@HarvardForward Sign today to help move Harvard forward on: 🌎 climate action ✊ racial justice 🤝 inclusive governance 💰 socially responsible investing

@HKGreenFinance Driving Green and Sustainable Finance in Hong Kong and beyond

@HLEG_Sus_Fin The High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance official Twitter account

@HLPrinciples The Holy Land Principles seek to ensure that American dollars do not support abuses in The Holy Land.

@iagenocide Dedicated to convincing investment firms to change their investing strategy so as to avoid complicity in genocide

@IASJ_org Formerly Tri-CRI. IASJ advocates on behalf of faith-based investors to promote human rights, climate justice, racial equity & the common good

@ICCRonline Shareholders calling the world’s most powerful companies to address their impacts on the world’s most vulnerable communities.

@IGCC_Update Investor Group on Climate Change

@IIGCCnews 160 European institutional #investors (managing over €21 Trillion AUM) taking #ClimateAction for a prosperous, low carbon, future

@ILNinfo Launched by 12 global investors, ILN aims to facilitate and accelerate collaboration on key issues related to sustainability and long-term growth

@ImpactCatholic We are working to expand impact investing among #Catholic organizations through sharing learnings & experiences. #impinv

@INCRnews The Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR) works with investors on climate change risks & opportunities – a project of @CeresNews

@InsOurFuture The Insure Our Future campaign advocates for the insurance industry to stop insuring fossil fuels around the world. For our US branch, see @insure_future

@INSPIRE_sec The International Network for Sustainable Financial Policy Insights, Research and Exchange (INSPIRE) is designated a global research stakeholder of the NGFS

@Insure_Future Insure Our Future is a campaign demanding the U.S. insurance industry stop insuring & investing in fossil fuels. #StopTheMoneyPipeline

@IntentEndowment Intentional Endowments Network: #highered & foundation endowments pursuing #ESG & #sustainability investing. Managed by @georgesdyer

@investforchange A campaign for university money to act in the interests of students, not against them. @sosukcharity @FProvFoundation

@InvestForRights The Investor Alliance for Human Rights is a collective action platform for responsible investment that is grounded in respect for people’s fundamental rights.

@InvestingHeroes What is the future of ethical and impact investing? Win £1000 in our essay competition. Enter here:

@InvestorAgenda Mobilizing global investor action to tackle the climate crisis. Founding Partners: @AIGCC_update @CDP @CeresNews @IGCC_Update @IIGCCnews @PRI_News @UNEP_FI

@InvestrRtsForum Data and investor perspectives regarding our rights to file shareholder proposals and against proposed efforts to roll back those rights

@isfcanada A collaborative hub that fuses academia, the private sector, and government with a singular focus of increasing Canada’s sustainable finance capacity

@isgframework As some of the world’s largest U.S.-based institutional investors and global asset managers, we support the Framework for U.S. Stewardship and Governance

@ISR_Community Communauté relative à l’Investissement Socialement Responsable #ISR

@ItaSIF Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile

@JapanSIF Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF)

@JustShareSA Using shareholder activism to drive better corporate behaviour #responsibleInvestment

@KoreaSIF Korea Sustainability Investing Forum

@lelabelisr Soutenu par l’État, le label #ISR est attribué aux placements alliant performance #éco, bonne #gouvernance et impact #social & #environnemental. #DevDurable

@majorityact Empowering shareholders to hold corporations accountable to high standards of corporate governance, social responsibility, and long-term value creation

@market_forces Activism to shift banks, superannuation and insurance out of activities that harm the environment. #ActOnClimate #divest

@MattrvestTweets Mattrvest helps you plan, spend and save for a better future

@MazaskaTalks (Money Talks). We are indig. activists moving cities away from big banks that finance DAPL, KXL, Line 3, Trans Mountain, prisons, and human rights violators

@MiddleEastSIF Middle East Sustainable Investment Forum

@MissionInvest Mission Investors Exchange is the leading impact investing network for foundations dedicated to deploying capital for social and environmental change

@misum_sse Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) is a multi-disciplinary research environment at Stockholm School of Economics. Research, knowledge and solutions

@MMMoneyMatter We’re calling for the trillions invested in our pensions to build a better world. We can all have pensions to be proud of, and make our money really matter

@money_movers_ Women moving money for the planet 💪 Money Movers is a not-for-profit movement led by @Huddlecraft, initiated by @Friends_Earth

@NoFossilBanks Global campaign calling on banks to end their fossil fuel financing. Find out more and sign the Call at

@Norsif Norway’s SIF (Sustainable Investment Forum)

@nsfmnextgen We are announcing the launch of the The #NSFMNextGen Initiative for young professionals and academics across Sustainable Finance

@NukeDivestScot We campaign for Scottish banks, pension funds and public bodies to divest from nuclear weapons. Email:

@OxUniFossilFree OCJC is the student movement for divestment from fossil fuels at the University of Oxford & its colleges

@PlusInvestment A broad-based coalition working to ensure responsible & transparent investment at Universities and Colleges. #FinanceForAFairerFuture #PositiveInvestment

@pollutersout International youth led coalition dedicated to kicking the fossil fuel industry out of indigenous lands, governments, banks, universities, & #COP26

@PositiveMoneyEU We’re a not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation aiming to make the Eurozone & #ECB support a fair, democratic and sustainable economy

@PRI_news The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment

@psi_initiative The UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance: A global sustainability framework & the largest collaborative initiative between the UN and insurance industry

@PushYourParents This student campaign aims at getting our parents to demand that the trillions in their pension funds become part of the solution to climate change. Oxford

@RAOGlobalOrg The Responsible & Transparent Asset Ownership Forum. Bringing together the best & the brightest from the global Asset Owners community

@ReclaimFinance Reclaim Finance pressures financial institutions to work for the climate. Member of Friends of the Earth France @amisdelaterre

@resp_finance We are the voice of the responsible finance industry. Our members provide fair loans to businesses, social enterprises and individuals

@RIAANews The Responsible Investment Association is the peak industry body for professionals working in responsible investment in Australasia

@RIACanada The Responsible Investment Association (RIA) is Canada’s leader on socially and environmentally responsible investment. Twitter account managed by @dustynlanz

@rsamforum The RobecoSAM Forum helps Investors learn how sustainability affects the bottom line. September 24-25, 2015 #rsf15 #sustainability #esg

@SDGBenchmarks World Benchmarking Alliance. We envisage a sustainable future, where everyone will be able to see how companies contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

@SEIdotorg Sustainable Endowments Institute, a special project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, pioneers research to advance sustainability in higher education

@SFGeneva Spark worldwide innovations in sustainable finance and support Geneva’s dynamic ecosystem #SustainableFinance #FinanceDurable #SFG #Susty

@SFHongKong #SFH is a peer to peer knowledge sharing platform for #sustainablefinance and #responsibleinvestment in Hongkong and neighbouring regions

@ShareActionUK Our vision is a world where ordinary savers and institutional investors work together to ensure our communities and environment are safe and sustainable

@shareholderdem1 The Shareholder Democracy Network makes your voice heard – as a customer, employee, investor, or mutual fund shareholder – in the boardrooms of our companies

@shineinvest Shine seeks to scale finance for energy access and accelerate the fight against energy poverty

@SIAita_ The Italian NAB-National Advisory Board @GSGimpinv on #impactinvesting: generating positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns

@siic_conference Social Impact Investments International Conference

@SIFIreland Ireland’s leading authority on advancing ESG and sustainable finance across all asset classes.

@SirhUnifi We aim to put in contact scholars, practitioners, organizations and individuals that are interested in social and environmental sustainability

@SpainNAB Impulsamos la Economía de Impacto – Consejo Asesor Nacional para la Inversión de Impacto en España, miembro del @GSGimpinv

@Spainsif Plataforma de encuentro sobre la Inversión Sostenible y Responsable en España. #ISR #SRI #ASG #ESG

@SRIConference The premier professional gathering for the Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact (#SRI) investing industry in North America

@SRI_CONNECT SRI-CONNECT is a global marketplace for sustainable investment research & a professional network facilitating communication between companies and SRI investors

@SRI_Natives #collaborative info-project aiming 2 give voice&visibility to #SRINatives (very) keen on #sustainablefinance

@SSEinitiative Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. A joint initiative of UNCTAD, PRI, UN Global Compact & UNEP-FI

@StopMoneyPipe It’s time to #StoptheMoneyPipeline. If we can stop the flow of money — we can stop the flow of oil. #ClimateEmergency #PeopleNotPolluters

@susfinalliance Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance

@SusFinanceIE Ireland’s official Sustainable Finance Initiative

@sustainabletri Accelerating Sustainable Finance.

@sustsept @bluegreentweet’s month-long exploration of sustainability. Tickets for all five events on sale now from the link below. #sustainableseptember #sustsept

@swesif Sveriges Forum för Hållbara Investeringar

@SwissSustFin Swiss Sustainable Finance strengthens the position of Switzerland in the global marketplace for sustainable finance

@switchit_money Is your money causing harm when it could be building a better future? Use to find out

@TDivestment We’re alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge, calling on Oxbridge’s wealthiest college to divest from fossil fuels. Sign our petition:

@TFP_TobaccoFree A not-for-profit organisation that drives global change towards tobacco-free finance

@TheCCoalition The Climate Coalition is the largest group of people in the UK dedicated to tackling climate change, with our sister orgs @SCCscot and @SCCCymru

@TheESGFactor Knowledge centre for trustees and investors interested in the application of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors for more sustainable LT returns

@TheSMI The SMI aims to lead and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable future by putting Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation

@TNFD_ This is the official account of the initiative bringing together the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (#TNFD)

@toxic_bonds The Toxic Bonds initiative exists to help track – and stop – the trillions of dollars of risky debt that is financing the climate crisis

@tp_initiative Transition Pathway Initiative is a global #climateaction initiative supporting transition to a #lowcarboneconomy, led by asset owners and aimed at investors

@TransformFin A committed community of investors, entrepreneurs and activists building a bridge between social change and finance

@TraseEarth Trase brings unprecedented transparency to the companies & financial institutions driving tropical deforestation. Joint project of @globalcanopy & @SEIresearch

@TRIScambridge Student group @TrinCollCam pushing for reform of the £1.5B endowment since 2018. Fossil #Divestment + #TrinCarbonZero pledges announced Feb 2021:

@UKDivest Sharing stories from the UK’s campaigns to divest from fossil fuels, supported by @FoEScot @Friends_Earth and @PlatformLondon

@UNDPbiofin A @UNDP initiative, supporting biodiversity finance in 35 countries for a more #sustainable future

@UNEP_FI The UN Environment Finance Initiative works with more than 240 financial institutions, including banks, insurers, and investors to promote sustainable finance

@UnfriendCoal The UnfriendCoal campaign calls on the insurance industry to quit the coal sector. Our best insurance is to keep coal in the ground

@UKSIF UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association. RTs not endorsement

@US_SIF Advancing sustainable, responsible and impact investing across all asset classes

@V20Group The V20 Group of Ministers of Finance, of @theCVF , is a cooperation between economies systemically vulnerable to climate change

@VBDO Dutch Association for Sustainable Investors

@VoteYourPension Vote for the climate, vote your pension. Urge the people in charge of your savings to vote for the climate and avoid risky, stranded assets

@wdiwork Investor-led project promoting company transparency on direct & supply chain workforce. Backed by 120+ investors/$13 trillion #ESG #CSR #BizHumanRights #SustBiz

@WomeninSRI Women rallying around sustainability, responsibility & impact in private & public markets #SRI #ESG #VC #impactinvesting #sustainability #SDGs #socialinnovation

@YUfossilfree Calling on YorkU to divest from fossil fuels, and commit to creating a climate-resilient, just future. Petition:

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