#EndPollutersPower #TwitterInterview

Thu. Sep30 2021 h15-15:45 (CEST)

“Demand global leaders break up with toxic polluters”: that’s what the campaign started by @Global_Witness in view of COP26 requires.

As is evident, it’s about the climate emergency unfortunately getting worse by the hour and how the world, and namely the so-called “world leaders” that will convene in Glasgow in the coming weeks, can and must tackle it, effectively and urgently it is hoped.

What does finance have to do with all this? Probably a lot. And this is precisely what will be explored in a #TwitterInterview to be hosted by @SriEvent on Thursday, Sep 30 2021 at 15:00-15:45 CEST, where @SriEvent will be delighted and grateful to discuss with @DominicKavakeb Senior Communications Advisor @Global_Witness.

The official hashtag of the #TwitterInterview is #EndPollutersPower.

The tweet-recap of the #TwitterInterview will be published shortly thereafter on mondosri.

Many thanks to @DominicKavakeb and @Global_Witness for their kind availability.


18 September 2021

The tweet-recap of the #TwitterInterview #EndPollutersPower is available here.