#PRIinPerson 2016 recap

Here below you can find a number of quotes (IMHO the most remarkable) from the #PRIinPerson Annual Conference that took place in Singapore on September 6-8, 2016.

I was not there (unfortunately). Anyway it was of terrific interest to follow talks and presentations through my beloved Twitter. So I’d like to thank everybody who launched tweets, you shared great info and really made us see and feel what was going on in Singapore as if we were sitting in the front row.

#Greetings are at first, since they seem to me so important to make the livetwitting warmer, and therefore more effective, and to show you’re caring about people not attending the event in person. In other words, I appreciate them a lot.

Then I’ve listed the tweets regarding the #Reports that have been launched, or at least pointed out, in Singapore.

At the end, you can find in chronological order (from #Day3, on top of the list, to #Day1) other tweets I liked and I think could be of interest for people keen on sustainable and responsible finance.

What else? Oh, sure: #PRIinPerson in 2017 will take place in Berlin. Let’s start the countdown…

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Sep8 – #Day3

Sep7 – #Day2

Sep6 – #Day1