#SettimanaSRI 2015 recap

The Italian Sri week is the most important Sri event in Italy.

On this page you can find some takes from Twitter with regard to the 4th edition of the week (November 5-18, 2015, official hashtag #settimanaSRI).

I’ve tried to arrange them by date and by event.

– – –

Nov 18 – Pension plans and sustainable investment: the state of the play in Italy

Nov 17 – Sustainable investing in urban regeneration: best practices and future developments

Nov 16 – Impact investing: what perspectives for 2020? | #impinv

Nov 16 – The SRI Marathon of Italian Universities | #Srimarathon

Nov 12 – Sustainability and shareholder engagement: a guide for listed companies | #engagment

Nov 12 – Italy pre – COP21: the actions against climate change by Italian NGOs, the Green Economy financing and the expectations on the results of the Paris Conference |#ItaPreCop21

Nov 11 – Corporate ESG Performance: A New Risk Evaluation Criteria? Sustainability Performance Measurement as a Tool for Investment and Loan Institutions | #EsgPerf

Nov 9 – Banks and climate change – The first engagement initiative by Italian pension funds | #assofondipensione