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«Sustainable» not enough. «Emergency finance» is needed

In a world’s first, the British Parliament recently declared we’re in a climate emergency. Following suit

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Fossil fuel divestment? «Not my job. But a wonderful partner»

Laura Berry is executive director at Iccr, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility based in New York City. As far as I know, she probably is

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ShareAction comes to Italy

ShareAction is one of the most active players in Europe when it comes to engagement. In other words, #Sriactivism. Mondosri already talked about it. No doubt it will happen again. ShareAction promotes the presence of active investors at company AGMs

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Sri horoscope 2015

Predicting the future is always a very difficult task, if not impossible. No exception when it comes to Sri. The fact is that when one year ends

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The (half the) World map of Sri

In terms of Sri market, Europe and United States together account for much more than half of the world: just look at the first world map of Sri published about two years ago (surely to be updated soon). But for the … Continue reading

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